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Our Scouts had a great time at Henson Scout Reservation this year. Look for pictures to be added soon.

Rank Advancements, Merit Badges and other awards were recognized at our August Court of Honor.

Scouts! Give your ideas for upcoming camping events, troop meeting activities and summer activities to your patrol leaders for the next PLC!


2014-2015 Upcoming Events

November 1: Scouting For Food Bags Out
November 8: Scouting For Food Bags Pick-Up
November 14-16: Cosca Park Camping
December 6: Day Trip to Fort McHenry


January 10: Day Trip to Int'l Spy Museum
February 6-8: Cabin Camping/Ski Liberty (PA) Trip
March 13-15: Jug Bay (MD) Camping
April 17-19: Gettysburg (PA) Camping
May 23: Bowie Memorial Day Parade
June 17-13: King's Landing (MD) Family Camping
July 5-11: Summer Camp at Bayport (VA) Scout Reservation
August 2-8: NOAC
August 14-16: Sandy Point (MD) Camping
September 18-20: Greenbriar (MD) Camping
October 16-18 Watkins Park (MD) Camping/Skill Mill
November 6-8: Cedarville (MD) Camping

(Please check the troop calendar on the Calendar page for troop meetings, PLC meetings and work/service sessions.)

Creature Feature: By Mrs. Knox

Every camping trip we seem to find a new interesting creature. During our troop camping trip at King's Landing Park in June, we spotted a large black spider with red legs in the grass underfoot, pictured below. You can gauge his size by the clover leaves in the picture. As it turns out, he is a male red-legged purseweb spider. These spiders prefer dark, damp forest areas and can be found throughout the warm states of the southeastern USA - which would include the tree-covered shores of the Patuxent River in Calvert County, Maryland, where we found our hapless friend. This type of spider is usually in his tunnel-shaped web, waiting for prey to come to his trap, but each year for a couple of months the males go looking for females of the species, which do not have black legs. This spider species is endangered due to habitat loss, not being able to run faster than fire ants, and not being able to find a mate to make lots of baby red-legged purseweb spiders. If you see one of these spiders in the future, make sure not to harm him - he has enough survival troubles already!

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